Elderly Parents – Need access for carers?

With more and more of our parents needing care, getting keys held securely is becoming hard.

We used to be able to leave them with a neighbour and simply forget about it. Sure,  I won’t go into the problems with that. We now have to make sure that keys are available but make it as secure as possible – keeping access for the good guys and keeping the bad guys out.

I fitted a keysafe for my in-laws but not before doing some research. There is only one ‘police approved’ keysafe and that’s made by Supra – it’s the only one I’ll fit.

Of course, there are cheaper to have fitted. But none safer. Fully insurance approved making it safe for your parents and elderly friends.

I can fit these for you on most days in the Horsham and Crawley areas. I’ll also provide guidance and assistance where required. There are no surprises and the fitting of the keysafe comes with  my ‘no quibble – not happy don’t pay’ service.

More information is here, get in touch to book. I’ve nearly always got a slot with 24 hours.

Here is the link Keysafe Fitted Crawley