2022 – Computer Repairs | Crawley and Horsham (Data Recovery)

Broken computers, broken hard drives – if you are unable to get access to the data on your PC or the machine is just refusing to boot I will be able to help.

I have access to hardware tools and recovery software to get access to your files and data on any computer, whether PC or Mac. There is a small charge of £20 in order to collect and evaluate your computer and a further charge for recovering your data onto your own hard drive or USB Memory stick.

  1. Not all hard drives allow recovery and I’ll let you know this at the evaluation stage.
  2. I will only attempt recovery if I can get access to all of your data in a usable format- i.e if you are trying to recover a word document or images I’ll make sure you’ll get these. Most hard drive recovery firms will only recover binary data (unreadable 1’s and o’s).
  3. You won’t have to wait longer than 24 hours for your data. Look some jobs take longer than others.
  4. I can also do full migrations, from your old machine to your new.

Get in touch in the first instance of needing your computer data recovered and we can arrange a collection.

Contact me on the form below.