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Need Knives Sharpened in Crawley ?

If you are suffering with blunt kitchen knives.

And you want a razor sharp cutting edge restored, then I can come to you and restore them back to a former sharpness.

Even old and disused knives can have their cutting edges back to new.

Charge per knife of £8.50.

I can come to you, or offer a collect and return service £9.50 per knife.

The old edge is ground back, with a new edge placed on the knife.

And a brand new ‘razor sharp’ cutting edge restored.

No fuss, 24 turn around max (usually), 100% money back guarantee on all work. Not happy don’t pay service.

Get in touch using the form below.

Or call Richard on 0774 007 6226

Home WiFi Problems / Home Working Wifi – slow connection speeds ?

Fed up with slow home WiFi?

Had enough of a slow speed connection?

With more and more of us working from home and with the children also drawing on the house bandwidth – everything may seem to be happening at a far slower speed than it should.

Perhaps, you have a home office that is not getting the internet speeds you need.

There are some things you can do.

Firstly, pop over to this website and do a “WiFi Test” to see how your actual WiFi connection is doing. You should be getting at least 20mbps download. If you are not, then you’ll need to take some action.

So, do this next.

  1. Move the router – the box that connects to the telephone socket. Try and move it to a clear space, not behind the sofa or the TV – then run the test again.
  2. Try the test on your phone/tablet or laptop, see if you get the same readings.
  3. Reboot the router, turn it off. Disconnect the power for at least ten seconds and at the same time hold down the power the button. This is a ‘hard reset on the router’. Let it spark back in to life and then do the WiFi Test again.

If your connection has not improved, then you will need some help.

I offer a fixed price, I come to you service to solve all of these Home WiFi faults.

If I don’t fix the problem there will be no charge.

It could be problem in home something interfering with the wireless network. Or it could be technical fault.

It maybe something outside that is affecting your overall signal.

Your options are pretty straightforward.

  1. Change settings/location/cabling
  2. Change/Alter/ Adapt hardware- router/cables
  3. Install repeaters around the house (either mains or mesh

There is no need to put up with it.

Provided you live/work in the Crawley/Horsham/Horley areas then I can come out. Make some checks and give you my very best advice.

No charge for call out.

Get in touch today for a Home WiFi Check and Report. I can also help you with business WiFi problems or if you a building that home office and want to talk about the options.

WiFi connection problems solved.

Use the form below to get in touch.

Or call on 0774 007 6226 (My Builder Profile)

Home Telephone Extensions / WIFI / WIFI Extenders /Set Top Boxes – installed – Crawley

When you need this kind of work done or you just can’t get the tech working for you, perhaps it’s the setting up of an Amazon Firestick or the moving or telephone line – now you are working from home.

Perhaps your WIFI is suffering with Cold Spots around the house – I can install whole house ‘mesh systems’ very quickly.

Don’t struggle. I am here to help.

Get in touch on the form below.

Fixed prices – no surprise – pay when happy.

Minor Home Repairs – Crawley.

Struggling to find someone to do those little jobs for you?

Don’t despair. All minor works and small repairs done.

Fixed prices, you never pay more than the initial quote.

You don’t pay until you are happy with the work.


No surprises.

Get in touch below.

Home Repairs and Maintenence

You and I both know that those little jobs just don’t go away – indeed most just stay to annoy you, month in month out. Sure you were going to get around to doing it, but didn’t have the tools, couldn’t find the Youtube video again – and well you’ve never been good at this kind of stuff.

Good news is, I only take on those little jobs, normally those can be done within a couple of hours, offer you a fixed hourly rate (or part) and you get a full lifetime guarantee on all work.

I also offer a no charge if not delighted service- not happy then don’t pay. Honestly, I only want satisfied customers.

Get in touch today, let me know how I can help.

I turn up on time, leave no mess for you to clear up and quote a fixed price, no surprises, no quibble not happy don’t pay service. 

Call today on 0774 007 6226 or use the form below.

Get in touch, send me an email on the form below.


** Note – if you want me to give you a fixed price when I call – give me an outline of the work you need doing fast and I’ll respond with a price.

Small Plumbing Jobs | Doors Fixed | Things Repaired -Built | Telephone Extensions | Door Locks | Leaks Fixed | Small Electrical Works | Washing Machine Installs | Key Safes |

Fast Property

It’s a grind, getting those little jobs done.

  • All jobs done same day where possible.
  • Lifetime guarantee – if it breaks again I’ll fix it, no charge.
  • Not happy don’t pay service – really – I want 100% satisfaction.
  • Over 80? 80 minutes free – nothing to to pay.

Household Repairs | Small Gardening Jobs | Broken Items | Key Safes | Locks

Get in touch, send me an email on the form below.

Or sms/whatsapp on 0774 007 6226

When you need it done quickly and without fuss, with a lifetime guarantee and at a fixed cost. I’m here for you.

Urgent Property Repairs – Crawley

Has something just broken, flooded or just stopped working?

Do you need something repaired, replaced or fixed today?

You are in the right place. Provided you need a reliable and honest tradesman to sort your problem out and you need it doing today – then I can nearly always help.

  • Plumbing jobs
  • Broken glass
  • Broken equipment

Let me know what you need doing, and if it needs doing today I can help.