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How Do I Fix Heavy Mirrors and Shelves?

There is no easy answer to this.

Most common, heavy items are Flat Screen Televisions and mirrors.

If you live in a coventional ‘brick built home’ than most “Heavy Duty Fixings” will do the job for you.

Simply, drill a hole to right size – and insert the fixing, screw in the right size screw.

You’ll need something like a “rawlplug” which is a brand name. Most DIY stores sell their own fixings, and these are colour coded for light, medium and heavy duty applications. For a mirror or TV you will need as least at medium fixing.

If you own a modern home with plasterboard walls – a light tap and they sound hollow. Means you will need a different approach.

Depending on how much the item weighs and your walls will dictate the best way.

This article shows a couple of options and is well worth a read if you are going to DIY.

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